Picture Perfect

I am not the same person I was 4 years ago. I had dreams of the picture perfect life, with the picture perfect wife, in the picture perfect house, with a picture perfect job and everything was one day going to be picture perfect.

The past 4 years have had the biggest ups and downs I have ever experienced. My circle of friends and people I trust can be counted on one hand. My views of the global church and its purpose have shifted completely. I want so bad to believe that there is good in the world but most days I can’t seem to find it. I see old friends on social media pretending they are fine and every thing is golden, by I know the same world that has taken it’s toll on me, has to be taking its toll on them, they are just better at covering it up. It hurts to know that people (some people I use to call friends) are making bank off of a false gospel, while I am struggling to not drown and love the unloved, and the least of these.

The one thing that has not changed and is indeed still picture perfect, is the sovereignty of God, and his character. My life, wife, house and job may not be perfect in the view of most people, but it is perfect to me.


We are told how valuable we are on a daily basis, as if the value of human life could ever be measured against a human standard of morality. What makes you/me/us worth anything?

If you listen to modern Christianity and most of the “teachers” who speak on behalf of those who consider themselves to be followers of Christ, we hear that our value is found in an abundance of things, but rarely are we told that our value is found in Christ himself.

You on your own merit are worthless. You are also worthless when measured against God’s perfect standard. The problem is that from the pulpit we are taught that just like Daniel we can stand up to the Lions in the Lions Den, or that just like David we can defeat Goliath, or like Jonah we can be delivered from the Whale. But the biggest problem with that is that the Gospel/Bible is not about you.