What Is Enough?


Blogging hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind since moving to Ohio a year and a half ago, but lately, the wanting to be able to capture my thoughts in word form, and share what is on my heart, once again has lead me to here. A new Blog. Which, I hope will not be an occasional thing from here forward.

Just a word of warning: The post I have written below, may not apply to you. It is what has been on my heart lately about Jesus, Christianity, and the downfall of what is known as the Christian Church in America. However, if you are intrigued, you are more than welcome to stick around and continue reading.

A year and a half ago I stepped down as Youth Pastor at a church in South Carolina, to move to Ohio. Not for a bigger and better church job, but to be with mi fiance, get married, and build a life with her. It was the best decision I could have made. I actually didn’t get a church Job, I found a job I never really had thought about before, working with young adults who have Autism, and it has blessed my life tremendously. And while I’m one of few professing Christ Followers, I have been able to connect with and love on people just the same.

Being on the outside, just a regular church goer if you will. I have been incredibly disheartened with what I see in “Christian Culture” today. All the time, flooding my social media timelines, I see friends sharing watered down messages that are being preached from pulpits. A lot of preachers these days are basically motivational speakers with catchy phrases and one liners, and minimal God. How did we reach a point in Christianity where some guy’s opinions on what the Christian life should look like are more important than what the Bible says? I see a generation of young believers quoting one liners from pastors more so than verses in the Bible, and some how that has become acceptable. But we have also seen an increase in churches allowing sin to infiltrate the church, for the sake of relevancy. This watered down Christianity is more appealing but as you may suppose, not biblical.

And so the question that has been on my heart lately is “Is Jesus Enough?”

Like, If everything were stripped away from you, and taken away; Your house, car, pet, family, job, friends, anything that you find value in, if all of that were gone, would Jesus be enough? Or better yet, if your preacher with his watered down/motivational/God-less messages were taken away, or the worship music you listen to, or Christian concerts you attend, or Christian Life books you read, if they were all gone. Would Jesus be enough? Could Jesus be enough? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then, are you truly following Christ? The Gospel is more than a quote you share on social media, it is the very reason you are alive.

The more my wife and I pray about what God has for our future, the more we seek to witness the fullness of God in our lives. To be content knowing that no matter what the future holds, if God decided to take everything from us, that Jesus would be enough.

Jesus is enough.

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