I’m on a new path. A path I couldn’t foresee coming two years ago. A path I’m so grateful for. 

I have a job where I get to love on kids with disabilities. I have coworkers who hate the church and don’t believe in Jesus. I just signed a lease on an apartment in a wonderful part of town. I have a beatuiful fiance, and we’ll be Wed, April 1st. I have an incredible family. I have a loving sister, two handsome nephews and one gorgeous niece. I have a dad who still encourages me eventhough he’s in another country. I have amazing memories of my incredible mother who passed away a couple of years ago.

It’s very easy for me to look at the negative, and contemplate on that. I know I’m guilty of that. But I have so much to be thankful for!

So I’m definitely not here to brag on my wonderful life, because I definitely have dark days, and dark times. And a lot of times my mind wanders, and wonders. But there is definitely Beauty in finding the joy through the darkness of life.

I’m choosing my path. My path leads to the Joy I find Christ!

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