Black Friend

I’m white. Really white. I have friends from a bunch of different ethnicities, skin colors, backgrounds and religions.

I want to talk about one of my friends. He loves Jesus, he’s a leader, he has a passion for people, he has compassion, a big heart and he’s black. 

We work together, we joke around a lot. He makes jokes about my whiteness, I make jokes about how black he is. We pick on eachother’s races’s stereotypes all the time. I’ll admit, when we first met, talking and joking about race was hard, mostly for him, he couldn’t tell if I was serious or not, but as we built our friendship, it was easier for us both to let loose. When we look at each other, we don’t see race. We see friendship.

We went to a fast food restaurant once for breakfast. A bunch of older white people were there eating… But they were also staring at us with disgust, shaking their heads, and mumbling under their breath. We couldn’t help but notice, and just kind of shrug our shoulders. The reverse happened when we went out for lunch after church one day. Two younger African American ladies stared at us all throughout lunch.

I grew up being a minority; An american in a foreign country. But I’m not naive, and know that his life as a minority here in the United States has been WAY different than anything I could have ever gone through. He’s told me about how it was growing up as a black man, surrounded by white people. Not all racist, but not all friendly. About being picked on, made fun of and messed with because of his skin tone. But I also know that has shaped him to be who God created him to be.

We live in a city that doesn’t see a lot of interracial friendships, but we live in a country that still has a huge racism problem. It’s not just a  thing that happened in the past to my parents and their parents, it’s something that we live right now. It’s something that we can stop! 

When God looks at us, he doesn’t see our skin color, he doesn’t see our social class, he doesn’t see the money you make, or the things you excel at. He sees us all the same, and it’s time for us to start looking at the world through his eyes. Yes there are some bad people in the world, yes some of those people are black, but some of those people are white, and every other skin color and ethnicity out there. We have no right to hold anything against anybody because of what they look like, act like, or because of the things they have done in their past; We all have already been forgiven for so much. 

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