Listen To Me


Everyone has something to say. The over excited preacher guy who goes down to a heavily college inundated bar district, and uses a megaphone to spout off his religious agenda about the world going to hell; he has something to say. The woman who goes out to a barely lit corner in a skimpy dress and heels, who has to inject a bit of heroin in to her arm just to make it through the night, so she can take the little bit of money she earned to the store to buy food for her kids; she has something to say. The kid who stands on the other side of the counter taking your food order, who has issues at home where he is constantly beaten by his drunk step father, and the bruises on his neck can’t quite stay hidden in his collared shirt as he reaches to give you your change; he has something to say as well.

We all have a story, and believe it or not we all want to be heard. Even the ones who say they are better on their own, want to be heard. I know what it’s like to have something to say; a story to tell, and not be listened to. I feel that we are living what God has lived forever. He has always been there, and he has constantly looked out for us, yet we rather not listen to him. We know the bible is there, we know it has breath to breathe into us, yet we choose not to read it and stay dead. We aren’t doing a disservice to God when we ignore him, we do it to ourselves. We as a culture ignore him collectively. Through politics, through media, through our daily lives, when all he wants, is to tell us how much he loves us.

There are people who need you. There are people who have injustices done to them on a daily bases, and believe it or not, if you are reading this, you are more fortunate than a lot of people out there today. You are called to show love, and what is a better way to show love, than to listen to someone’s story.

I’ll never forget one night my sister, my nephew, a friend and I stopped at a restaurant for some food. As we pulled in there was a young lady with two suitcases, a pillow, and a stereo system sitting on the curb crying her eyes out. We asked her if she was fine, and she said she was okay. We decided to go in and place our order, but something just didn’t sit right with us, so we asked her to come inside with us, we got her some food and told her we wanted to listen if she wanted to talk. After eating a bit she gathered up the courage to just tell us everything that was going on. Her boyfriend cheated on her, dumped her when she found out, and kicked her out of his house. We waited until the young lady’s sister showed up to pick her up. As she was leaving she thanked us for listening. I never saw her again. Sometimes other people’s stories can help you just as much as it helps them. I’ll never forget the burden God placed on my heart after that. Just to love on people.

When all else fails, If you just need to be listened to, and no one is there to physically listen to you, know that God is always there. Always wanting to hear your story. I mean he already knows it, so why even bother to try to hide it from him?

Now this is the confidence we have before Him: Whenever we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14

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