Praying With Clenched Fists


I believe there is power in prayer. I also believe that prayer isn’t used properly these days. I mean we like to say “I’ll pray for you” as a courtesy, but how many times do we actually bring other people’s needs before God? Don’t worry I’ve been guilty of it too. I’m also guilty of praying with clenched fists. Clenching my fists, then raising them up to the sky and demanding God give me what I want, or else. I don’t think my “or else” has ever moved his heart to give me what I’ve asked for. But I still do it. I think that there are three things we have completely missed when it comes to biblical prayer.

Over and over in the bible when we see prayer, we see people praying with expectation. People prayed, believing God would do miracles, bring blessings, alter moods, ect. Guess what? He delivered. Just to make it clear I’m not saying if you ask God for a gaming console, you’ll get one in the mail tomorrow without paying for it. But when it comes to things of the Spirit, we should expect to move God’s heart for what we are asking for. For healing, peace, patience, ect. If we pray for something with no expectation, then we are praying pointlessly.

Another thing our society has missed completely from how prayer is supposed to be, is we have kept it as something that we do only when we want or need something. If you look at prayer in the Bible, often times people (David, Job, Isaiah, ect) prayed just to thank God for who he was. No expectation. Just to praise His name for how great and mighty he is. For the longest, I missed that too. My prayers were mostly “God, I want to pray for he and she, and thank you for who you are,  Amen.” Okay they were more elaborate than that, but that’s the basic gist of how simple my prayers used to be. I would say I’m probably not the only one who has those prayers.  But if we pray close minded, We miss the incredible joy of blessing our creator for everything he is to us.

Lastly one of the biggest things I think we have missed, is praying for people as the spirit moves. I’m a very emotional person, and I can pick up on other peoples emotions fairly easily. I can walk by someone and instantly know something is wrong. When you see someone going through something, it is your opportunity to pray for them. Not necessarily to stop and lay hands on them, even though if God moves you to do that, do it! Its powerful. But just a silent prayer as you walk by them, can make all the difference in the world to them, and they don’t even know it was God through you.

I just want to challenge you to unclench your fists, and lay hands on someone who needs it. Or just pray for that person who always makes your heart uncomfortable.  You may not know the person, or you might. But just pray for someone, whoever God lays on your heart. They may need you and not even know it.

So I encourage you to keep these things in mind when you pray. God wants to bless you. It’s his desire to bless you when you pray. The biggest thing, is letting him.

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