Substance // Abuse


It’s weird to look out into a young adult culture and see so much brokenness. People who could honestly care less about how they treat themselves or other people. I have been guilty and a victim of this.

My mom was always worried about me. She always said that I let people take advantage of me too much, and she was right. I look back on myself growing up, and I see everything that I allowed people to take advantage of in me. Even in the past several years, I see it over and over. I’m a people pleaser, always have been, and God forbid, I always will be.

But I also I have something that is very lacking in my culture. Substance. I may not know what my end result is going to be yet, but at least I am willing to work on figuring it out. I stand counter-culture on a lot of my views, I’m not afraid to stick up for my beliefs, I respect girls,  I respect myself.  I’m basically an anomaly (sorry Lecrae) among my peers. I stick out in a world that is corrupt. That’s how we all should be living. To stand out.

Because I am different than my peers, people want to mess with me more. Take advantage of me more. Heck, if they want to take advantage of God’s love and grace through me, then I’m open to it. But I will not compromise my substance despite their abuse.

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