Alone – (a·lone – əˈlōn) – Having no one else present; on one’s own.

I have awesome friends. People that I would die for, and people who would die for me. I’ve built relationships that will last a lifetime,  and everyday I am thankful to God for everyone he has put in my life, whether it be temporarily, or forever. I know that I am not alone in that sense, there will always be someone there in the rough times, If I need them.

I’m almost 29 years old. Holy Crap. Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday I was moving back to the States from my fourteen years as an MK in Venezuela. That was nine years ago. For the majority of that time I’ve been single. I’ve dated a few girls here and there, some broke my heart, some grew distant. In every relationship we swore we would base our relationship on a Godly foundation, in every case our expectation for that being true ceased after week two.

I know that a lot of times I screwed things up. I use to have a tendency to be overbearing and jealous. Not to a stalkerish point by any means. Stuff I’ve worked on, but I know it was probably annoying nonetheless. I just wanted something to work out so bad.

“We come into the world alone.
We go out of the world alone.
But in between, It’s you and me.”
-Trampled By Turtles

I am super shy. I’m not the kind of dude who will just go up to a girl I like and ask her out. The only girls I flirt with are the cashiers at walmart, who are usually 30 years older than me. That’s probably why I feel so comfortable with that,  because there is no expectation on my part. I know that because of my shyness I have probably let many girls I have liked, who liked me back, slip away. I take that back. I know for a fact I have. It usually takes the girl making the first move, which sucks, because they never do. (The expression on my face as I wrote that was probably priceless, but I’m not in front of a mirror so I don’t know for sure.)

I have always questioned God. He always responds. Dealing with my singleness like Paul did is practically impossible. I mean. The guy was a champ. But I have found myself at peace with being alone. Knowing that if we aren’t together yet,  It’s because either she, I, or both of us are still being prepared for eachother. She may not even live near me for all I know. But that is the beauty of God’s timing. I am at peace knowing she is out there. And I am fine knowing she is coming.

Wouldn’t it be cool if she was at a fast food restaurant or coffee shop right now blogging about me? Probably not, but that would be freaking tight. One day we will be sitting across from eachother blogging about eachother for the world (maybe just our facebook friends) to see.

I’m getting weird looks from the workers at Chick-Fil-A, so I should probably leave. Please don’t tell Taco Bell I cheated on her. [If you don’t get that comment, read the last two posts.]

God Bless!

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