Thoughts From A Corner Booth At Taco Bell (vol.2)


I hate using churchy words as verbs,  because being honest,  most of them weren’t meant to be used that way. Yet, I’m still going to do it.

I often don’t feel Christian enough. Before you treat me as my martyr namesake (and cast stones at me), let me tell you what that doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that I don’t experience God’s love like I should, It also doesn’t mean that I feel unworthy, even though sometimes both of those are the case. It means that sometimes my best efforts to show God’s love often fall flat. I know I should be all “Jesus Saves!”, “God loves you” and “Repent from your transgressions you filthy sinner” all the time,  okay possibly not that last one. But sometimes I’m just not feeling it. Sometimes I just don’t want to be a Christ-Follower for awhile. Am I a terrible Christian?

The answer is “Yes!” I’m a terrible Christian. Why? Because I’m not called to be a Christian. (What did he just say?????) Yes, we are called to Follow Christ, but following Christ isn’t throwing the word “Christian” on, and going out to battle the heathen world with my biblical views and republican agenda. We make Christianity into a sect when we take Jesus out of the mix. Sometimes I just want to lay in my bed, eat ice cream, and watch Community, and not be bashed because I’m not out looking for sinners to convert.

Jesus chilled sometimes. Okay his chilling didn’t include watching sitcoms, but he needed time away from the hectic too. The great thing about him though is that he knew when he needed to step up and take command of a situation,  even If he maybe “didn’t feel like it” at the time. Ultimately he didn’t feel like dying for my sins, but God still had him do it. For me.

So yeah, I know my priorities.  God > Everything. But still sometimes a good chill time will have you more refreshed for what God will have you do in the future.

Anywho. People have come and left from here since I started writing,  I’m just glad no one was in my corner booth. I really needed to get these things off my chest.

One thought on “Thoughts From A Corner Booth At Taco Bell (vol.2)

  1. I think you are bold. You typed what I’m sure many Christ-followers feel,but have a difficult time putting in words (myself included). I can relate. There are times I feel guilty for wanting to rest and for being somewhat lazy when I know I am called to share the Gospel and spread the love of Jesus to a very sick world. But like you said, even Jesus needed his rest. But he did set the ultimate example of how we should convey his messages to the world- by letting his light shine through us. And he did warn us that it wouldn’t be easy, being on his righteous side. But we know the outcome. (BTW, I’m sure if Jesus was here right now he’d totally kick up his feet and take turns dipping a spoon in the ice cream box and watch some television with you.)

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