Thoughts From A Corner Booth At Taco Bell (vol.1)


It’s so hard to write something relatable, yet have it not offend at least one person. If I said what was on my mind half of the time, I’d have lost a lot of friends, and a lot of respect. Not that I am constantly sinning in my thoughts, but sometimes I would rather say what’s on my mind even if I knew people were going to flip out and condemn me to hell for it. I mean let’s face it, my political / spiritual (I refuse to call it religious) views aren’t the most popular things in the world right now. Heck people get mad when I talk about my favorite football team in front of them, I’d probably get stoned to death if I talked about my views on abortion and same sex marriage. That’s why these thoughts stay in my head. It’s better for everyone that way.

Most Christians think I’m too edgy, I have piercings and a beard guys, watch out! I might kill you with my drop-dead good looks. Most other people think I need to be more accepting of theirs sins. I’m caught in the middle like, Jesus died for every thing about me. Even my piercings. Even my beard. You know what he also died for? Your judgemental views, self righteous thoughts, drug addiction, alcohol consumption,  and yes even your aborted baby and you the one who aborted him or her. He loves you despite your stupid imperfections and he forgives you despite your unwillingness to forgive yourself. Because on your own, you are a terrible person in need of a saviour. With God you are a child of a perfect King, which means you are being made into perfection as you go.

You are loved!

These are just my thoughts, as I sit in a corner booth at a relitively empty Taco Bell.

God Bless.

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