When I’m having a bad day or a rough week, my very first instinct is to say: “I just want to be alone, guys, don’t bother me.” I do think there is something about just shutting the rest of the world off, and spending time alone. Which usually means spending time with early 2000’s Pop-Punk Bands. It’s beautiful solitude. But it only lasts hours, or a day at the most.

Someone recently who I was getting to know, said that they were “going through a lot of things, and needed to go through these things alone for now.” The concept is great. I imagine a super-hero, with cool armor and a killer weapon, telling that to the lovely token helpless girl, right before he goes into a battle to save mankind. But the truth is, that fighting a battle, is twice as hard on your own, than it is with someone fighting with you. I mean, that’s literal.

When a friend is going through heavy heavy stuff, the greatest feeling ever is when they come to me in confidence and say: “Stephen, this burden is too much for me to carry on my own, will you please take some of the load.” That is when God opens up the Heavens and starts raining down mercies, because we can’t go through this life alone. We just can’t. It is not possible.

Even when there is no human contact. Even when nobody is physically there, you have a GOD, who sent his SON to die for you, and comforts you though the HOLY SPIRIT.

You are never alone.

Be somebody’s hero. Reach out to someone who needs battle fighting buddy.

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