I’m A Stupid Shepherd

“All I can do is lay in my room, fall asleep, think of you; then wake up and do nothing about it” -Neck Deep

I’ve held onto feelings for a girl, way too long. It’s a struggle. It’s wanting what I once had, to happen again, eventhough I know it never will. It’s holding on to something that gave me a quick sense of satisfaction, instead of something that will stand the test of time. It’s like an addiction to a feeling. It’s a sin.

I hate complacency. So while I stand firm on not being complacent in some areas of my life (Ministry, Sharing Christ, Loving the Loveless), I find myself being complacent in other areas of my life, like my emotions and my relationships. It’s terrible.

I know God is preparing her for me, while he is preparing me for her. So this verse struck me hard today.

“For the shepherds are stupid: they don’t seek the Lord . Therefore they have not prospered, and their whole flock is scattered.” Jeremiah 10:21

Maybe I’m a stupid shepherd.
Maybe I haven’t sought him enough.
Maybe my complacency is getting the best of me.
Maybe I need to focus on other things more.
Maybe she’s a stupid shepherd.

God is in control. Seeking God, will ultimately help me find my purpose,  and my future wife.

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