Emotionally Detached

I have a problem. It’s an emotional problem.

Apparently eventhough I like to make friends, people don’t like to befriend me. Maybe it’s my looks. Maybe it’s my personality. Maybe I just intimidate people (I’ve been told that on several occasions). Now the emotional part is that I tend to emotionally attach myself to people, after not knowing them long. When I become friends with someone, I invest in that friendship. I want to get to know that person well, and fast. One of two things happen on a regular basis: 1.) I get taken advantage of. 2.) I freak people out and they distance themselves. Granted tgey are both my fault.

So I’ve decided, after a lot of prayer, to emotionally detach myself from everybody for awhile. That way I can focus on my relationship with God, my family, and my poetry. The only things that matter to me right now.

I’m still here if you need prayer or council. I will still be working with youth. I will just be keeping to myself more, than speaking out.

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