In Regards To My Mother.

The past 3 weeks have been hell for me and my family. I think it’s when we are going through these types of trials, that God shows up in the biggest ways. As I write this, I’m not saying God hasn’t shown up, but I think God has yet to show up the biggest he will through this period.

October 31, my birthday, at around 2:00am, I received a phone call from my Dad. At first I couldn’t understand what he was saying, it sounded very muffled. But my heart sank, because in my heart I knew what was coming. I rushed to the door, to try to get better reception, when I heard the 6 words, out of my Dad’s mouth, that will forever be ingrained in my mind: “Mommy went to be with Jesus”. I woke my sister up to tell her the news, the rest of the morning / day / night is all a blur.

We rushed to get flights booked, things we needed bought, and clothes packed. We arrived in Caracas that Saturday night, and into Maturin where my parents live, 8 o’clock Sunday morning. We were rushed to the church, shoved in a room, we changed, sat down in the sanctuary and the service started. The funeral was beautiful, her favorite music director sang and her favorite preacher, other than my dad, preached. We then went out to the burial site, and returned her body to the ground.

We then went home for some much needed quality time with my dad. Friends brought over some of our favorite food for lunch that day, and the rest of the week we either got food that we don’t usually eat here, or made incredible food with my dad. We watched football, soccer, tv dramas, and sitcoms. Were constantly visited by somebody. And ate some more food.

Then came the time for us to come home again. Every day we are reminded of her, and will never forget how amazing of a mother she was. Kind, compassionate and encouraging. She is definitely where I get my need for wanting to help fix other peoples problems. The reason I write complete strangers on Facebook, to tell them that I’m praying for them, and that I’m there if they need to talk. She is a huge inspiration in my life, and I’ll carry her with me for the rest of my life.

The trip would have been impossible without people donating money and giftcards for our trip at the last minute. We are incredibly thankful for each one of you guys that helped us out.

Now we move forward, not on. Now it’s time to get back to work, the church, and my spoken word poetry. We will never move on, but we will always remember her beautiful smile and gentle spirit.

One last thing. Thank you to all of my true friends who have come out and helped me through this. It means more to me than you know. Honestly we’ve had a lot of nosey people trying to butt into what’s going on. And they have gone as quick as they came. But those of you who are still writing me, texting me, messaging me, and asking me how I’m doing on a regular basis; it means more to me than I could ever express. Even if I don’t always acknowledge it.

Thank you all for the prayers”

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