Holding Out

I’ve always been somewhat of a loner. I’d rather stay in and write in a journal, instead of going out and partying with my friends. Its just who I am. So naturally I don’t go out looking for a relationship. Mostly because I have a deathly fear of rejection. There could very well be girls on my facebook, in my social circle, at my church, that like me and I’ll probably never know it, because I can’t put down my guards enough to tell a girl my feelings for her, because I’m too scared of being rejected. [So if you are a girl, and you like me, you might as well tell me, because I’ll never tell you first. =)] But that is not what this blog is about.

I see too many people who are so desperate to be in a relationship, that they’ll go out with any person who shows them attention. This one girl I know has gone out with at least five guys in the past year and a half, and been engaged to two. It could be a desperate need for physical attention. Because I know that my last relationships have been just that, even though they were supposed to be centered on God. All these other friends I have on Facebook, enter into “relationships” with people they barely know, so their relationship doesn’t last long at all. Once again, I understand the need to be someones center of attention, but if it’s not a relationship that is centered on God, with the purpose of one day being married, odds are the relationship won’t work out.

So I’ve said all I have said, to make this point. I’m holding out. Even though people are so desperate to see me “happy”, or in a relationship. I’m not going to go for any girls who throws herself at me (Yes I’ve had girls throw themselves at me, no I’m not delusional. Shut up.)

God is Sovereign, and he is in control of my past, my present, and my future.

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