I’m Just Being Honest

I hate life right now. It sucks. I would erase this chapter of my life in a heartbeat. My mind is always racing and my heart is always worried. I have too much going on right now, and I feel overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed. I miss home. I wish I was there right now. I wish I was with my mom. I miss her and my dad so much and I hate being so far away, while she’s going through this stage of life. I miss my friends. I miss playing soccer on basketball courts, going to the mall, and having late night salsa dance parties. I miss having true conversations with people who actually care. Instead of having to look for people online who will pretend to care. They never do. I hate complacency. The thing I’m probably most guilty of, but the thing I hate the most. I hate that I’ve hurt so many people. I hate that I’ve been hurt so much. I hate that most Christians would rather cover up the bad times, and put on a happy face. I love Jesus, but honestly sometimes life sucks. Getting through that will make me a better person and bring me closer to God. I’m just being honest.

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