An Alternate Christian Universe

Over the past two weeks I’ve experienced a crazy, almost upside down or alternate universe of Christianity. I’ve kept my mouth glued, but I think it’s time to get things off my chest.

If you know me, than you know my heart is burdened for the least of these. Not only that, it gets frustrated by Christians easily, who don’t live up to their self-given label of “Christian.” So here are things I’ve been though recently.

-I was cussed out by an old lady who is well known for being a “sweet Christian lady”. (She’s not)

-A Christian artist I tried to book, told me he would perform at an event, for gas money. Then called me the next day and told me that he was worth way more than the money I offered him.

-I was accused of trying to steal, by two very non-observant Christian people, when I had the receipt in my hand the whole time.

-I was sent a message by a Christian, scolding me for offering prayer on Facebook. They told me I was just trying to invade privacy.

On the other side of those things, these things also happened.

-A non-Christian friend invited me out for beers, so we could talk about God. (Unfortunately I couldn’t make it, so we’ve rescheduled.)

-A friend wrote me asking some really deep questions about the attributes of God, cause he just couldn’t wrap his mind around certain things.

-A lady smoking a cigarette, saw me with the car hood up. She pulled up next to me and said “I don’t know a fu@&$#+ thing about cars, but I can jump you off if you need that.” (That’s exactly what I needed.)

-A customer at work gave me a $10 tip, just because I did my job. I saw something (valuable) he left on his table, and turned it in up front. He gave me the tip “for being honest.”

Do you see something wrong? Christians acting like people who don’t know Christ. And Non-Christians acting more like Jesus would. I know that by now I sound like a broken record, but something has to change.

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