Church Is A Cancer

So I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m not a normal “Christian.” I tend to stick to normal Christian guidelines, so people don’t judge me / get offended. But I really just don’t care anymore.

Church how we “do it” today, is not biblical. The proof is in the fact that I have more people telling me stories about why they left church, than why they started attending one. If its a white church we cater to why people, if it’s a black church we cater to black people, if its a multi-ethnic church, we try so hard not to offend a certain people group, that so many people get overlooked. Some people aren’t dressed well enough, some, some people look different than us, some people smoke. We come up with all these different things, that isolates people in our minds, without even trying to do it.

But Church was never intended to be a social gathering, which is exactly what it is now. It was a community of believers, who looked out for other believers who didn’t have as much. And they celebrated Jesus together. But no churches do that anymore. We’re too consumed with the flashy lights, cool music, and seeing our friends, that Jesus is completely overlooked the whole hour and a half that we are in that building. Church has become a cancer, it’s become the problem, it turns more people away then it welcomes.

There has to be more. I’m sick of having to tell my friends, that they are justified in not coming to church, because of how they have been treated over and over again. I also don’t like the term “we care about numbers because there’s a soul attached to each one of them.” If churches really cared about souls, then they wouldn’t turn down so many proposals to reach the least of these. Homeless people, prostitutes, rebelious teens, drug addicts, hardcore kids ect all get overlooked, because they don’t bring money into the church, so the church has to cater to the rich, the wealthy, the ones who bring in the money.

I just want to see churches as we know them be radically transformed, into what they were in the Bible times. That’s all I want.

The church is a cancer. But we are the cure.

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