I’m Sorry

I’m sorry that I will never fit into your perfect mold. I’m sorry that my beard is too long, and my mustache is perfect. I’m sorry that my pants size is double what most girls look for in a guy. I’m sorry that I wear band shirts, instead of $50 hideous looking hollister crap. I’m sorry that I love people, instead of constantly judging them. I’m sorry that I would rather have dinner on the side of the street with a homeless man, than to go waste money at a fancy restaurant. I’m sorry that my youth group isn’t perfect, but at least we care for people. I’m sorry that what I consider worship music, you consider loud and obnoxious. I’m sorry that I would rather stick to biblical truth, than to church traditions. I’m sorry that I see hope in what you would see as useless. I’m sorry that you will never experience love, until you break down your guard. 

I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.

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