Washed Up

This town is so washed up. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m here because God has me here and he is doing a lot of things through me here. He’s allowing me to work with the youth at my church, mentor teenagers, and build long lasting relationships.

When I first moved here eight years ago we had a record store, a blockbuster, a TCBY, and a movie theater. Now we have none of those things, along with many other stores that have gone closing little by little. Hence my reasoning for the town being washed up.

The one major disappointment, that I’ve had with this town, is not finding girls my age who are absolutely and totally sold out for God. When I go to other cities, to visit church events or Christian concerts there are girls everywhere, single, beautiful, Christ following girls. But it doesn’t matter what I go to in town, I just can’t find them here. I’ve tried.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, maybe it’s not at my church that I will find her,  maybe a diferent church. Maybe at one of the colleges. But most likely it won’t be here in town at all.

I know I’m not the only one who is going through something similar to this. Maybe you’re a girl, who’s going through the exact same thing I am. Maybe you’re my girl in another city, and I’m your guy in another town.

God has us where he wants us for a reason, and it’s not up to us to question why. God will make his will known eventually.

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