I’m Cool Because I Don’t Shove Jesus Down People’s Throats.

I love soccer, it’s one of my passions. My favorite team is Barcelona FC from Spain. I can name you most of the players, and their positions. But I don’t always go around talking about them, I don’t tell everybody when they win, and I sure as heck don’t bring up when they lose. But if you are my friend, you know that’s my team.

I love Jesus. He’s my favorite person. I talk to him a lot. All of my coworkers know that I’m a Christ-Follower. It’s just something that is known about me.

The other day some coworkers were having a conversation about me, while I was in the room. Which was kind of awkward, because I wasn’t invited into the conversation. They were contasting me with someone else they knew. They said that he shoved Jesus down their throats, and that I was cool because I didn’t. They said that he would talk so much about Jesus, that he would say the same thing 3 or 4 times in one day. That he would ramble on so much, that he wouldn’t remember that he was repeating himself. That ultimately it just got to be annoying, because he wouldn’t even let them change the conversation. They would try to talk about sports, he would bring up Tim Tebow. They would try to talk about music, he’d talk about “church music.” But they said that I was cool because I didn’t do that, I would put my two cents in, but that I wouldn’t keep going on and on and annoying them.

That whole situation lead me to think about this, the gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to be attractive. We don’t make it attractive, the Holy Spirit does. How are we going to lead people to Christ, if we are annoying them, frustrating them, and downright acting nothing like Christ. Jesus didn’t upset people, to the point that they wanted to enter into a relationship with him. He welcomed them in just as they were, and he listened to them, because he knew what they were going through. Sometimes the way that you can speak the loudest about Christ, is just to listen to other people. I’m not in any way saying that we should be ashamed of the gospel, but that we should live a life that speaks it, and really only use our words when they are necessary. If people don’t know you’re a Christian, just by you being who you are, then you probably aren’t one.

Something I tell the students at church all the time, is that when you walk into a room, everybody should feel convicted because the Holy Spirit just walked in with you. It should be obvious in the way you are.

So it was just on my heart to write this. Some of you may be upset that I wrote this, others will understand what I’m talking about.

Talk about Jesus, tell people about him, just know when to shut up.

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