Understanding Grace

My arms are tired and my hand is bruised;
From trying so hard to make mountains move.
See I’ve been beating on my chest trying to make it explode;
Because maybe that way I would feel you close.

Everything I’ve done to reach you came up short;
But around my heart I’ve built an impenetrable fort.
I say it’s a tower to try to climb up and reach you;
But we all know that I act like I don’t even need you.

So why do you show me such grace undeserving;
Because I know in my heart I could never earn it.
I guess that was the point from the beginning;
You know that the truth is, my time is ending.

So I wake up in cold sweats from nightmares that haunt me;
With evil spirits and situations that just try to taunt me.
I could never reach high enough even on pointed toes;
So God please reach down and let your grace flow.

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