Celebrities Aren’t Real.

You are probably setting yourself up to get heartbroken. It frustrates me when people obsess over people they don’t even know. If you fall in love with someone you see only on tv, in magazines, or online you are going to hold your standards for your future husband / wife up to those celebrities. You may think I’m crazy for saying it, but we both know it’s true.

I have a fear of rejection. Why? Because after being rejected so much, it’s just natural. I never EVER “make the first move” when I like a girl. That’s probably why I’m single. But I’m done stressing over that. My point is that celebrities have their flaws too. All you see is the front that they put on, because they have to, to sell movies, albums, whatever. Look at Kurt Cobain, he overdosed, do you think he was happy? What about Whitney Houston? Exactly! But we hold them up with such high regard.

That why it’s so hard to find true, untainted love. Like Christ loves the church. Because we are expected to be people we aren’t. Or we are expecting others to be people they aren’t. We pass up good people because “they aren’t the body type I’m looking for”, or “her personality is too bubbly”. Petty stuff.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to be physically attracted to someone. By all means, you should. But if you place more importance on that, rather than love; You’re doing it wrong.

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