So I’m wide awake from being at work all day. So I thought I would do something to give you guys a little laugh. I pushed text to talk, and said some of my favorite bible verses in Spanish. And of course my phone wrote it in English as what it thought I said. It is highly entertaining hope you guys enjoy.

No matter how to have twins on the in Avon Haley off or get a simple then a video from my nose or no guess you face.
Romans 1:16

Working it out of my ninja mobile I looked gavel awesome evil on anything but I can’t go I can’t get anything at Norfolk be about my thing of you that if they’re not want to see if you say so.
John 3:16

NFL Mobile in the hospital in a little sad that when I me more mice your heaven see the I’m on the floor models did he say stinky test.
John 16:33

Not really young for that you see Mike what I wanted yes that’s about it is a test the heat that I love sweats almost Eve you left his of your message you are that sent them I’m just that im on my San Tiago will be single.
James 1:27

Working normal I love those deals if you need to the core of the a you know that I’m more well that you don’t mean a broken they will book the t-mobile 1 of your day.
2 Timothy 1:7

Feel free to share it with your friends, and give them a good laugh too.

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