Taylor Swift vs. The Chariot


So when it comes to album of the year, I’m stuck between two very different acts. On one hand you have Taylor Swift’s “Red”; beautiful, talented, and in the Pop/Country Genre. On the other hand you have The Chariot “One Wing”; crazy, spastic, and in the Metal/Chaoscore genre. Two very different artists, but both have put out some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time.

If I had to pick a winner, I might would have to lean to the side of The Chariot. I’ve seen them 8 times, and in 3 weeks, I might be seeing them for my 9th time.

I guess I’m tired of seeing cliques. Metal kids hating on preppy kids who listen to country music. Preppy kids calling anybody wearing a black shirts with a band name on it “gothic”. Scene kids hating on anything that doesn’t have screames and cleans in it. Hipsters hating on anything that’s on the radio, because it’s too “mainstream”. Hardcore kids thinking they’re better than everyone else because there’s “passion” in their music.

Let’s be honest, everybody’s music has good and bad qualities in it. I’m a hardcore kid. I grew up listening to Comeback Kid, NIV, xLooking Forwardx, and xDeathstarx. That’s the music that I have passion for, and I am passionate about. The problem now is that instead of everybody getting along, and accepting everybody else’s genre. We make our favorite bands out to be the only good bands out there, and we call everybody else’s favorite bands crap, if they sound different than ours. I really do dislike some bands, a lot! And I know I have voiced my opinion before, and I think everybody else should voice their opinions too, but can we start to be respectful to other people? In most cases someone who loves country music, is going to hate my favorite style of music. I know, because I have friends who hate my music. But can we at least start respecting that there are other good genres of music out there, that we may not particularly like?

Most artists put a lot of preparation, money, time, and effort into their craft. For us to bash it just because we don’t particularly like that style of music, is absolutely ridiculous. They are putting the same ability into it, as your favorite bands are.

Respect. That is all I’m asking for.

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