I Was Good!

How did I get here? Six feet deep I awake from my sleep to find out that I’m alone. Bones; shaking. Earth; trembling. My heart; barely beating. How did I get here? I was the perfect example of what a good young boy should be. I said my “yes ma’ams” and “no ma’ams.” I was polite. I turned into an example young man, I always did what was right. So how am I stuck in this certain death? I tithed my 10 percent, and gave over and above to the poor. I even sat and ate lunch with that loser kid no one else wanted to. It’s true. I was good! Maybe I wasn’t good enough, maybe it was all in vain. Maybe I tried too hard and now I’m left here in pain. Maybe it’s too late for my soul to be saved, because all of my dreams are broken roads that I’ve paved. I wasn’t good, I’ve never been. On the outside I looked spotless, but was dirty on the in. I now know why I’m in this grave, I dug it for myself. Petty excuse for man, is what I am. That’s how I feel anyway. I deserved this. I did this. God send your grace. I need it more than ever. I need it now.

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