Jesus Christ Dying Of Aids

If Jesus were here in human form, right now, most of us wouldn’t recognize Him. Hands down. I’ve addressed this in other blogs, but I just feel the Spirit leading me to talk about this issue again.

I would love to tell you what I think Jesus might look like if He was here right now. I think he would be a hippie looking, tattoo covered, dreaded hair, tanktop sporting, board shorts wearing, freak. That is just how I picture him. I told that to my Dad, and he disagreed with me. I guess he sees Jesus a little differently, and that’s cool. We have the liberty to think of Jesus as we want to, as long as we don’t think of him in any other way than as the Scripture describes.

Jesus hung out with prostitutes. Yet some how we like to think of him as a refined, business man, 60,000 dollar a year, picket fence, perfect family having guy. Now lets be honest, how many wealthy men do you know that are hanging out with prostitutes, for any other reason than to just use their services? Be honest with me, how many wealthy men do you know that go hang out with prostitutes to witness to them?


Jesus did that though. He went to the people, showed love, and witnessed to them without any other agenda. Drunks, drug addicts, thiefs, all had their encounters with Jesus, where they came out of it changed forever. He was a people person. Yet somehow a lot of us think that we can just sit cooped up in our houses, in our cubicles, at our jobs, in our churches, and not reach people, because we think we are better than them. But they are the very ones who need him most.

Jesus could be that homeless man on the street corner dying of aids, he could be the rich CEO who is contemplating suicide. We need to be the ones who step up and show them the love they deserve. That is the whole point of Christianity! I don’t want to get to Heaven, and hear Jesus say to me: “I was that person I put in your way, and you ignored me. You didn’t give me the time of day then, yet now you want to spend eternity with me?”

One thought on “Jesus Christ Dying Of Aids

  1. Stephen, you’re right I disagree with you on how you think Jesus would look today. But I don’t go to the other extreme either. I agree Jesus witnessed to prostitutes, but he also ate with and witnessed to a man who, after hearing the gospel, determined to pay back everyone he had defrauded 4 times what they had given him! He probably was one of the richest men in his region if he could do that. Nicodemus was by no means a poor man. Lazarus probably want either. So it’s a little misleading to make it sound like he ONLY associated with prostitutes or the like. He associated with everyone. I agree totally with the last part. Excellent! Love ya!

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