I’m A Christian; And I’m Sorry. (Poem)

I spit in your face but you don’t feel it;
I condemn your soul but you don’t hear it.
I talk about you behind your back;
I act like my life is in tact.

Yes, I am a christian.

I firmly believe that everything in the Bible is true;
But you would never know it by my actions.
I’m supposed to be living proof;
But all I usually cause, are distractions.

My forefathers killed your forefathers in the name of religion;
Then over their graves we put crosses.
As though we claimed their bodies for our beliefs;
And covered up the good they started.

We stand on boxes on the corner of the street;
And scream at every single person we meet.
Screaming: “You’re going to hell if you don’t change!”
But the road to hell is the one we’e paved.

I’m not sorry I’m a Christian;
I’m a Christian, and I’m sorry.
Everyone has a life to live;
Everyone has a story.

Shoving my beliefs down your throat;
Won’t make you want to change.
Love is the only way;
For you to be saved by grace.

Because when he died for you and me;
He was thinking of us then.
That bridge he made on that day;
Freed us from our sins.

I’m sorry if we’ve offended you;
Or broken your faith in us.
Christians are imperfect too;
Please return to us your trust.

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