He Said / She Said

I should, well could, be married by now if it weren’t for nosey jerks.

In 2002, I met a girl. She was introduced to me by a “friend” of mine, a schoolmate of hers. We became really close friends, right off the bat. We started hanging out, talking all the time, texting (that was right when texting was getting popular.)

I had a pretty big crush on her, but I didn’t know how she felt about me. So one day, I knew I was going to be hanging out with her, so I finally decided to gather up the courage and tell her how I felt about her. That night, before I got the chance to tell her what I thought about her, she told me that she thought of me as a big brother. Right then my whole world sank. I couldn’t tell her after that. Because I knew our feelings weren’t the same. We became best friends, for the next three years. We were present in each others lives, almost every day.

About 5 months before I moved back to the US, one night we were having a very deep conversation. In that conversation she told me that, soon after we met, she told the “friend” who introduced us, that she had a crush on me. That “friend” went around and told everybody in her class, that she had feelings for me. That her telling me that she thought of me as a brother, was her way of putting up her defenses because she didn’t know if I felt the same way. I should have just told her that night. She is now happily married.

But see, as christians we love getting into other people’s business. We do it on a regular basis. We don’t have any problems meddling in other people’s business, but we don’t want people to meddle in ours. We’ll tell people without a flinch what we are thinking about their situation. But we’re too ashamed to tell people what the Bible says for us to say.

Isn’t that a little backwords?

One thought on “He Said / She Said

  1. I have come ti believe that fear is the first and root of sin. Fear is the opposite of faith. Pride, envy, anger, all root in fear. So does minding everyone else’s business. I agree that we do that much too much.

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