No Hope

I’ve been labled a lost cause on more than one occasion. I’ve been told there was no hope for me, and that I shouldn’t even try make a difference, because I’d never amount to much, if anything at all. I was told I’d never make it.

I’m not where I imagined myself to be; 26, working a dead end job was never what I wanted. But it’s where I am. I’ve been strung along by churches offering me a great job, if I can just hold on for a few more months. I’ve held on a few years, and I feel I’ve held on too long. Living pay check to paycheck, paying off student loans and bills, yet still giving as much time to my church has taken it’s toil on me. But I still stand, and press towards the goal God has set for me.

As crazy as it sounds, even though I wish churches would have kept their promises, I have learned the true meaning of humility and being humbled, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am where God wants me for now, and I have seen life change happen in my own life, and in others.

2 thoughts on “No Hope

  1. Sounds like this should be titled “Full Of Hope “. “Hope is the thing with feathers …” “Now abide these three; faith, hope, and love.” Keep on pressing on, pal.

  2. whoever would tell you that you are worth nothing clearly does not understand what it means to LIVE.
    Every person was put on Earth for a person or a WORTH. Everyone is WORTH something in order to provide LIFE.

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