If I can hold on for a bit longer, I just know I’ll make it. See I’ve been holding out for quite some time now, and I don’t really feel the urge to (*****). So I’ll just keep pretending that absolutely nothing is going on, and that I’m not addicted to (*****), no one will know what I’m going through, no one will care. My friends have all done it, or do it; But my parents would kill me if they found out that I was addicted to it. I mean it probably runs in the family or something, it’s probably genetic. If it was such a big deal God would take it from me right? God  if it is such a big deal you’ll take this from me won’t you? Show me just how big of a deal this is. If it’s not of you, I want nothing of it.  I want to be nothing like (*****), I want to be like you. God give me the strength to overcome this, and receive your grace and forgivenes.

(*****) = Any addiction.

I wanted to write this as all stages of overcoming addiction from beginning to end. Hope you got something out.of it.

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