These Feet

These feet have walked everywhere; The narrow path, and the open road. They have been places they were welcomed, and places they weren’t supposed to go. They’ve carried bruises and blisters; They’ve had rashes and been hurt. These feet have been wet for too long at times, and burnt by hot sand at others. They’ve been cut, scratched, bitten, and bled. They have itched so much I’ve scratched them red. My feet are tired. They’ve walked thousands of miles, and have been in seven countries. They’ve played many sports, and have carried me though mistreaten while playing metal shows. They have helped me make a living, without them it’d be difficult. They have supporeted my weight even though they were never intended to. They’ve been used to hurt, but never to heal. Even through all they have been through, It’s crazy to think; Jesus would still wash them clean, If I were there in John Thirteen.

John 13:1-17

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