Just Breathe

It’s never been harder to breathe than it is right now. I’ve been punched in the gut so hard that I’ve fallen to the ground. Barely able to open my eyes, I see the blood flowing from my mouth; as it pours to the ground I realize why it’s been so hard to take a breath. My lungs are pumping blood, not air. And my heart is full of air, not blood. As I’m laying there dying; I start to remember all of the useless, pointless things that I’ve done, the selfish, wasteful wars I’ve begun. I think about all the times I’ve cursed the Almighty instead of thanking him for the breath that he gave me, that I no longer had. That’s when I realized I was better off dead. So I let go of my gasping for air, and gave myself up to death. But in the distance I hear whispers, I can’t make out what’s being said, my lifeless body just bleeds, that’s when I heard “Just Breathe”; and I woke up from that dream.

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