Your First Love (Short Poem)

You’ve missed me. You looked for me in places I’m not. Trying to create your own salvation, but you forgot… your first love. Me.

So come on, come in, look for me in a church. Look for me in creaking benches, and stained glass windows. But you’re wasting your time, instead of looking for me in the faces of widows. That’s where I promised I would be.  That’s where you promised you would meet me.

So why are you dressing all fancy? Why are you trying to impress me? My sacrifice was far too great, to be compensated with late, great, fashion trends. It’s time to make amends with me, your first love.

You’ve been stumbling around in darkness, claiming to be the light. But that light has been tucked away for quite some time. You think that if you put a smile on your face no one will notice, but I gave you that smile in the first place, so I’ve already known this.

I’m begging for you to come back to me, your first love; I’ve been waiting for you. Take me to the world outside, so many people are looking for truth. You’ll find me when you look for me with all your heart, and you’ll realize I’ve been your first love from the start.

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