Good Girl / Bad Girl (Short Poem)

So apparently to get a good girl these days;
You have to look dumb and act completely fake.
Wear khaki pants, polo shirts, and sunglasses backwords;
Hair spiking through a visor, and be a really good actor.
You don’t have to care about her, just show some attention;
So she can brag about her man, to all of her friends.
Just put on a smile, and don’t you dare be yourself;
If she finds out who you really are, she’ll wish you to hell.

I guess then I want a bad girl, a rebel, a crazy;
An in love with God girl, who isn’t afraid to say it.
Tattoos and piecings? Heck yeah man, for sure;
God gave her a canvas, that’s what her body is for.
She won’t care how I look, or how I possibly dress;
Cause my heart is all she wants, to heck with the rest.
We’ll talk about God and make him center of our lives;
You can have your good girl, I prefer “bad” in my eyes.

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