A Plea (Free-Lance Short Poem)

I have always given myself up to be used, by whom ever needs me; but the world just uses and feeds on me. Nonetheless I don’t retract, I try not to react too harshly, but I can hardly breathe. So I let myself get weighed down by the problems of the world to no avail; I fail, and fall down the wide trail that leads to my destruction. I CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH!!! I scream into the mirror, but no one can hear me, but my shadow that smirks back at me, saying “everybody needs you, but nobody wants you”, Sometimes I think it’s true. Sometimes I believe it, I see it so clearly. God, I know I wasn’t a mistake, but have you mistakenly left me alone so long with no one to hear me? Cause, life would be better with just a person to carry me. God, I know you’ll carry me, through this, Just carry me please, say you’ll hold on to me tight, a slight sense of calm is covering me. God, you are hearing me, and delivering.¬†

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