Jesus Does Not Live In My Heart!

It’s about time I come clean, I guess. Jesus.. Is not in my heart. He never has been. I remember when I asked him into my heart. I felt so good that day. I felt accomplished. Jesus, had “taken residence” in my heart. I mean, why wouldn’t I be excited?

For 26 years, I’ve lived the life of having Jesus in my heart, and I’ve preached to other people, that they need accept Jesus in their heart to be saved. For 26 years, I’ve been wrong. Now I want to make something clear. I have actually been in a relationship with God for many, many, many years. It has continued to get stronger. As I have been diving into the word, trying to grow my relationship with God; I’ve noticed that a lot of things that we say, as Christians; are completely un-biblical.

There is not one place in bible, that says that you have to “accept Jesus into your heart” to be saved. That terminology was made up roughly 60 years ago. I guess as kind of a way to lour people in. To make it sound more attention-grabbing. But you will not find that in scripture. Let’s look at what the Scripture says: If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9. Pretty simple, Huh? The bible also mentions that we are not to take from or add to anything God says. So if we believe that the Bible is true, then we are truly messing up, when we preach that Salvation is earned by asking Jesus into our heart. We use the heart because it’s what we as Americans have made, as the center of our emotion.

The only way to have a true relationship, is by faith. Words mean nothing if there is not faith behind it.

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