Fairy-tales. Magic. Healing.

When the supernatural happens these days, we call it Fairy-Tales, or Magic, or we say it’s something ungodly; like ghosts. We look for something to “blame” it on, that is not of God. Because we don’t want to sound crazy. We tend to look at what God did, what Jesus did; as things of the past. Ancient History. We do our best to not let the God of the Bible, and the God of the present be the same thing. We read the bible, and see the crazy things God did back then, but when we see something like that happen these days, we try to blame it on something evil. I wholeheartedly believe that My God, is still the God of the supernatural.

At a show last night, I experienced healing in the middle of a song. I suffer from something, that a man of my age shouldn’t have. It causes my joints to swell up pretty bad, especially in my foot. I usually get attacked by it every several months. This time it just happen to hit, the day before I was to go to a show, to see one of my favorite bands. Through the first three bands, I didn’t move much. I couldn’t, cause the pain was so bad. When the main band I went to see (Sleeping Giant), started playing; You could feel the Holy Spirit start to move through the crowd. It was an amazing feeling, but my foot was still hurting. They were about to play the last song; Tithemi, which is one of my favorite songs of theirs; when Tommy (The lead vocalist) said to cast our cares before God, and to hand everything we were going through over to God. I did. They started playing the first verse which says: “All fear, all pain, all hurt, all grief, all lies, must bow to Jesus’ name. All kings, all thrones, everything that breathes life, must bow to Jesus’ name. The earth, the sea, the sun, the stars, the sky, must bow to Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.”  Right when they finished singing that, Tommy said (probably out of habit) “Everybody Jump”, So without thinking about it, I started jumping… The pain was completely gone. No more pain. At all. Completely vanished. I think it was one of those “Testing Of Your Faith” type things, that God put me through. It had nothing to do with the band, the song, or anything else, that stuff just helped. It was God, who said: “Give me everything, and trust that I am Your God, and I care for you. Just trust me”

You can go ahead and blame the supernatural on whatever you want. You can deny that my God is real, I don’t care. But I can’t deny what God did in me last night. It was supernatural.

Also, a group of us prayed for my Mom last night. We prayed for healing over her body. She went to the doctor today, and the doctor said that the cancer has shrunk by a centimeter. That’s a combination of medicine and God. Hands down. God has really been blessing my Mom and Dad through this ordeal, and has made them a blessing to others. My Mom and Dad have been such a blessing to the people of Venezuela. It’s only by the Grace of God, that they are able to be such a light in the darkness.

One thought on “Fairy-tales. Magic. Healing.

  1. I’ve been thinking similar things recently. I realized that I was one of those people who are startled and uncomfortable with miracles. Not so much anymore. I’ve finally believing what I’ve been saying I believed. 😀

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