I Can Hardly Breathe.

Troubles are everywhere, and they come in every size and shape. One I am having at this very moment, is breathing. I don’t know if the air in my room is just thick, or if it’s because I have my computer on my chest… But I find myself holding my breath just so I can take deeper breaths every couple of seconds. I also have to stretch my neck back and push my head up to get a better breath. But, it’s whatever; it happens. It could be that my pillow is shoving my head into my chest and closing my throat, to where air can’t come in, or get out.

Air is very essential to our body, for us to stay alive. Kind of like the Bible is essential for our spiritual lives to stay vibrant. Sin, I guess would be everything blocking the Bible from us; Like all these obstacles are doing to my body right now, to keep me from breathing. The only way to have a full one-on-one connection with God, is to keep the airways open; and keep the bible as a center focus of our daily lives.

I’m about to get this computer off me, open the windows, lay down without a pillow under my head, hopefully go to sleep, and wake up well rested.

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