Finally Figuring This Whole Love Thing Out.

I’m getting closer to figuring out what Love isn’t, and with that; finding out what Love is. I’m still single, so no, this has nothing to do with a girl. I’ve always seen Love, through my parents, friends back home, and family. I also know what God/The Holy Spirit/Jesus has done/is doing/did for me. He is the most apparent and relatable figure of Love that we know. A lot of times, when we take God out of the equation, we can’t find an example of Love here on earth. Like, what does Love really look like? So we try to find it in relationships (dating, marriage, parent/child, ect), and we model our Love after a feeling. This person makes me feel good, so I; in return, “love her”.

We have completely missed the point of “love”. Love was never suppose to be about a feeling, or butterflies, or the way you look at somebody and wink. Love is an action. Love is feeding that “bum” on the street, that 9 times out of 10 you make fun of. That’s love! You don’t have to have feelings, to Love. I’m finally getting that. We are commanded in the Bible to Love. Not to “display feelings for…”. That’s why relationships for me haven’t worked out. I look for feelings, and associate them with Love, when that isn’t at all what Love is about. Hence, I’m still waiting. I have probably passed Love by, for the sake of feelings before. Or maybe, I haven’t, I don’t know. I’ve thought of this whole concept before. I know Love is a verb. I’ve said it plenty of times before, It’s just now really clicking in my mind; what that means. I just know, that I’m finally really figuring this whole Love thing out.

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