Mission Trip 2012 (Day 1)

Only 25 hours into the trip, and God has already done some huge things; especially in our hearts. We arrived at the “Fire Baptised Holiness Church of God Of The Americas’s Headquarters”;(Yes, that’s reALLy the name of where we are staying.) around 8:00pm Sunday night.


We got settled in to our rooms and unpacked. A little later we met to go over the ground rules for the trip, you the tipical no dating on the trip, always have a buddy with you, ect… We then hung out awile, and eventually made our way to our rooms for sleep.

I had my alarm set for 7:00am, but with all the ruckus that the boys were making, I woke up at 6:30, not a happy camper. But it’s fine. I was just shocked that the kids were up before me. After a VERY nice warm shower, we headed over to the dining hall to eat, and get our instructions for the day.


I was suppose to go to the Soup Kitchen with a group, but when we got there we were told that there were too many of us, so I was taken along with to Middle Schoolers (Micah and Baily) over to Harvest Hope to meet up with a different group.

At Harvest Hope we packed bags of food that are going to be taken to a school to be distributed to kids who are less fortunate than our kids, so that they don’t go hungry over the weekend, while they aren’t at school. I’ve got to admit, I had my eye on some fruit cups… But I didn’t give into the temptation. I swear. The bags included stuff like Beanie Weenies, Fruit Cups, Oatmeal, Juice Boxes, and some other goodies. So stoked to know that over 200 kids won’t be hungry this weekend.






We came back to headquarters for lunch, and then headed out again.

My group was then taken to a house to finish some painting that was started by a group a couple of days ago. Some of our group also went to help clear some rubble from a lot. We finished painting, and the group returned to help put up some window panels. We then headed to the trash dumpster to finish throwing a last load or rubble away, before returning to headquearters.




We just got back, and I typed this up. Keep in mind I am only writing from my perspective and from my group’s point of view. Another group today worked at a Soup Kitchen and Painted, and 2 other groups cut lawns all day. I will hopefully have more tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us. I’m off to shower up, then eat, then have a chill night hopefully.

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