Missions Trip Next Week.

Photobucket February of last year our church took our Youth Group to Greenville, SC; on a Mission Trip. We worked with a local organization up there and did a lot of things to help people in need. From working Soup Kitchens, to Harvest Hope, to Elderly Homes, to Raking Leaves. It was amazing to see God move, especially seeing him move through our kids. Seeing some of those kids mature in the faith over the past year, has been one of the highlights of being a youth leader; and even more is what makes me want to do this as a career.

Sunday, April 1st; We will be taking another group up to Greenville. My expectations for this year are super high, I know God is going to do huge things. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish as a Youth Group, and what God is going to accomplish in our youth. I know that lives are going to be changed, whether it’s our lives, or people who live in Greenville. We’re praying really hard that God will show up in a big way.

I’d like to encourage you to please be praying for us April 1st-4th, while we are up there. That God will move mightily among our Youth Group and the City. Thank you.

On a side note. I’m the shyest guy you’ll ever meet, and I hate asking for anything. The truth is, I’ve had so many bills and unexpected expenses recently, that it’s 6 days until we leave, and I haven’t been able to save any money back for this trip. If God tugs on your heart to help me out a little, that would mean the absolute world to me. Here are three ways you can help me. 1. You can leave your email in the comments below (anonymously), and I can send you my address.  I’ll only get mail til Saturday March 31st, before we leave. That’s 4 days. 2. You can leave a gift in my name at Cornerstone, and just ask them to give it to me (anonymously.) 3. Pray for me. God will provide, I have full confidence, that all my needs will be met, according to his plan.

Thank you guys so much, for reading my blogs. I don’t thank you enough. You guys are so encouraging, and I couldn’t keep my head above water alone. It’s you guys who help me get through rough days. God Bless You All.

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