Just To See.

Over the weekend, I got to see God move. Some of the members of the Youth Praise Band at our church and I; had an amazing opportunity to go to and play music at Color Blind Ministries in ReevesvilleSC. We got there, unloaded our stuff, went in, and tried to practice. The truth is, we suck at being serious. But we got in there, practiced a few songs, and made a setlist. They brought in some pizza and made our stomachs super happy, before we went on. We got on stage and did several acoustic worship songs, some they knew; some they didn’t. We took a break, and did it again. That repeated a couple of times. At the end of the night, Kenneth played Cry Out To Jesus, which was a special request from the lady who invited us to CBM. That song meant a lot to her and her family, because of a tragedy they were remembering five years to the day, of the day that we played. After they played that song, a prayer was prayed, and everyone was crying by the end including me. After the prayer; as some people were consoling others, we played the song Rescue by Newsong. We hadn’t planned on  playing it, but it came naturally. The Holy Spirit came in, and ransacked that building. Lives were restored. God moved. You and I, we could argue if God exists or not. But the truth is, there is no denying seeing him move in a great way, like we did that night.

2 thoughts on “Just To See.

  1. What I’m talkin’ about! Seeing the Spirit move in ways that prove God doesn’t operate in normal ways… ‘preciate you guys willingness to serve Him!

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