Ugly Hands.

Photobucket My hands are ugly. They really are. They are covered in cuts, bruises, burn marks, ect. Stuff I get from working at a restaurant. The sides of my index fingers have these little cuts, that I think I get from using water so much. It’s almost like athletes foot, on my fingers. But after I get it, it ends up turning into little cuts, and they hurt a lot. My hands are getting to where they are starting to stain a little bit. It’s not fun. No one would come up to my hands and be like: “Hey, You have beautiful hands.”

I think Jesus would though. I think he would love my hands. I think his hands were similar to mine. He used them for everything. I mean he was a carpenter by trade, then  did miracles, and hung out with fisherman. His hands had to look rough. I think he would be proud of my ugly hands.

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