Live (What I Miss About “Band Life”)

Loading the gear from a practice room, where we practiced all night just to get it perfect for the show the next day. Crashing on the floor cause we were to exhausted to drive ourselves home. Waking up, and wandering the town looking for a cheap breakfast that fit our budget. Also known as “The Dollar Menu”. Traveling to the show, smelling like cigarette smoke from the practice space we had and sweat from the passion we put in to each practice. Stopping for gas, and getting energy drinks, and gummies for the trip. Getting to the venue, after a few wrong turns here and there. Walking in feeling important, and announcing that our band, has arrived. Bringing all the gear in and setting it aside, but setting it up, so we’d have less to do when it was time to load on stage. Finding our friends, and shooting the breeze until the first riffs started up, from the first band. Watching the bands play, while getting butterflies in our stomachs. Going out side to lift our set up before our Mighty God, praying it would be Him on stage, not us. Setting up on stage. Giving our all, as we played the music we lived for, sweating like crazy, and watching people sing our lyrics back to us. Getting off stage, being received off stage by the warm; sweaty hugs of friends, and other bands. Loading up. Watching the rest of the show. Getting paid, just enough to put gas in the cars to get back home. Going to Wendy’s or Waffle House to celebrate our victories and defeats. Heading home, anxious to do it all again.

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