The lights are out.

It’s 11:32pm, February 29, 2012; that I’m writing this entry. The electricity has just gone off in my neighborhood, due to an approaching storm. I hear rain hitting the roof, as well as sreams flowing down the gutters. Ambulance sirens are sounding in the back ground providing almost a movie like soundtrack. Yet, it’s real life, and the fact is that, I’m laying in my bed lonely, wishing I hadn’t made some bad mistakes a long the way, that has landed me up until this present day; alone. I get so impatient with God, it’s my fault, but it’s so hard not to be at times. I have many of friends that are girls, but I get used by most of them. Let’s say, one has a bad fight with her boyfriend. She comes running to me  to get her confidence up (completely as a friend, of course), then makes up with her boyfriend (as she should), then I don’t hear of her for weeks. That’s just one of many examples. But during this storm, God and I just had a conversation. Just reassuring me that he’s in control. That he has his hand on every relationship I have, and is in control of all of them. I know this stuff, some times I just need him to remind me, so I can get it through my thick skull. Well, my phone battery is about dead, no way to charge it. Be safe. Goodnight.

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