Venezuela Day-Dreaming.

No one is awake right now. Internet; It’s just you in me.

Today was a long day at work. First half of the morning shift went smoothly. The second half of the morning shift was crazy. But, a job is a job; I’m thankful for that. I day dreamed quite a bit today. I always daydream at work, it might turn dangerous some day.

I was dreaming about being home, about being back in Venezuela. Playing songs I wrote, in front of the people I know, and some newer people I don’t. Going up to the mountains 2 hours away, and going to my favorite natural wonder on the east of Venezuela. It’s a beautiful big waterfall called “La Paila”. I wish I could just go, and sit near the roaring sounds, and feel the mist hit me. Draw some inspiration from it’s beauty.

I also dreamed of going to the beach, 2 hours in a different direction. There’s this nice house we use to stay at, that belonged to cousins of friends of ours. We’d always go for a week, when they weren’t going to be there. Those were the best times. Chillin’ in the apartment, being away from home. Going to the beach, walking on the dangerously hot sand, that burnt tiny scars into your feet. Looking at all the random stuff people were selling. Anything from food, to music, to man made wood sculptures, art pieces made from stuff found on the beach. What I would give to go back and spend time at the beach with my friends.

I dreamed about yet going another direction, where there is a huge river, you use to have to cross by boat, but now they have a bridge you can cross by. I had a lot of friends there back in the day. I was in a christian acting group, we’d go every once in a while to do plays, and choreographs over there. Spending time with friends. I ate the biggest Burger there once. It was sold in a kiosk on the side of the street (where the best food is always sold.) I wish I could visit there again.

Of course… I dreamed about being home. Hanging with my friends. Playing soccer, on a basketball court, like we use to. Going to the mall on Mondays and Thursdays to see movies, cause it’s half price those nights; and we’re all broke. Playing music with my buddies pool side. Going late night serenading with the boys, to impress the girls we like. Going to church and seeing all of my friends who are all grown up now, and mostly married. Spending time with my parents, who I miss dearly.

I hope I can go back to visit soon, day dreaming just isn’t cutting it. I need the real thing.

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