I’m trying to come to terms with myself. Being me. I think it’s something really hard to do, because we all have someone to impress. A boss, someone we like, teacher, pastor; there is always someone we feel like we have to impress. As a person, I know I’m not the greatest, so trying to impress someone who is also human, it has become such a mind-blowing realization for me lately; It’s pointless. I do it all the time. Yet, It’s stupid. No reason for it what so ever. I mean, I’m not saying, to stop bathing, and see if a girl will go out with you. I’m saying, a girl is going to be attracted to you on her own terms. A boss is going to like you on his/her own terms. You could be the best employee in the world, but if he/she doesn’t like you; you’re screwed. That’s why I’m coming to terms with living my life, the way I feel I should. A God-honoring life, biblically based; of course. But a life I’m happy with. Amazing bosses, girls, teachers, pastors; are out there. But our priority should be; to come to terms with our relationship with God, first.

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