I’m Waiting For You -God

I’ve been waiting for you to move. I’ve been waiting to see a side of you; I haven’t seen before. The side that will forsake all you have been taught, for the sake of finding My heart. I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve been waiting for you to realize that you won’t always find me in a church. Yes, I’ll meet you there sometimes; but you’ll find me mostly wandering the streets begging for change. You’ll find me in the fast food restaurants making minimum wage; which pays just enough to put food on my babies’s plates. You’ll see me hiding the shame of being a pregnant teenager, in a room full of my peers. I’ve been in front of you the whole time, yet you’d rather look for my face in a steeple; than in the eyes of people. I’m waiting for you to actively and whole-heartedly pursue my heart. -God

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