Waiting for you.

It’s bed time for me. I should have been in bed a long time ago. But I can’t get you off my mind.

I keep wondering if you’re okay. If you had a good day. If you were treated like the princess that you are.

I’ve been praying for you, I know it seems weird; But I pray God will hold you in his arms.

Until I can get to you. See this distance thing is starting to get old, cause I just want to hold you.

I want to tell you just how important you are to me. I want to be with you for eternity.

How’s work? Are they treating you okay? Mine isn’t great, but it’s a way to make it by, til I get to see you.

Are you guarding your heart for me? I’m not going to lie, mine has been broken quite a few times on this path to see you.

I keep giving into what I want, not what my heart desires. Right now it desires you.

I hope you’re saving yourself too. Twenty-six years have gone, and still I’m saving myself for you.

I’ve had some pit falls and close encounters, I’m not going to lie but; I’m still saving myself for you.

I pray for you every night. You’re always present with me.

I’ve handed you over to God; I know you’ll be here with me soon enough, When he is done preparing me for you.

I think I’m almost ready. Just hold on a little longer baby, I’ll be right there.

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